Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Why I Love Being A Loner

I am a loner, and there are times that I am really grateful for my preference. This morning my coworker came into work three hours early because he woke up early and, it being four in the morning, no one else was up so he had nothing to do. As a loner I am seldom bored. I am engaged with my own mind. There is never a shortage of books to read or movies to watch or even puzzles to do. I am not dependent on having other people around to have a good time. My life doesn't stop because no one else is awake.

For all the times I've been accused of "doing nothing" or "vegging" because I spend most of my time alone, and for being accused of having no life because I don't spend time with friends I say: How is sitting at home and reading more "vegging" than going to a bar or going to see a movie? Why is doing puzzles or reading short stories alone "doing nothing" but going to a sports game is doing something?

I love being a loner because every day I get to take part in activities that are interesting to me and I don't have to wait to do them. I don't have to wait until the world starts to do something fun, and if all of my friends are at work it doesn't make a difference to me. I feel lucky that my plans aren't tied to someone else so I'm not at someone else's mercy for my fun.

If you're a loner and you get tired of people ragging on you for "never doing anything" or calling you boring because you never go out then remind yourself of how mentally diverse your life is. I know it's easy for the "socials" of the world to get us down, but how interesting is it really to go to a bar every weekend?

If this post resonates with you, then I suggest you read my article Being a Loner in a Social World.

Also recommended reading is Party of One: The Loners' Manifesto by Anneli Rufus - "a long-overdue argument in defense of the loner." Available as a Kindle ebook or paperback through Amazon (affiliate link).


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