Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jon Arbuckle and Liz Wilson's Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Jon and Liz!

Dr. Liz Wilson is Garfield's veterinarian. Jon has been pining after her (and going on the occasional date with her) since they first met in 1979. On July 28, 2006 they finally became an official couple! (Coincidentally, this is also mentioned as Jon's birthday.) Jon is geeky and awkward and finally gets the girl of his dreams. So, for all of us that have lost hope: If there's hope for Jon Arbuckle, there's hope for us all!

Liz and Jon Become a Couple

"She's one cute chicky-boo. I'd marry her in a second."

Jon and Liz History

Jon has always had trouble getting girls. He occasionally goes on dates, but they never end well. (Consequently, he rarely gets a second date.) He has been enamored of Liz ever since he first brought Garfield into her office, but she wasn’t very receptive at first. Over the years she has gone on a few dates with Jon but it never turned into anything serious. Not until July 28, 2006, that is. This year will be their eight year anniversary. Jon and Liz’s anniversary is a day for people who haven’t had much luck over the years in the romance department to celebrate. If this polka-playing fashion-disaster can get the girl after all of his failed attempts, then there’s no reason to give up hope. If you already found your significant other after years of having no luck, then that’s even more reason to celebrate!

Why Celebrate? 

So, why should you celebrate a cartoon character’s love life? I view this day as a day for people who have or have had bad luck when it comes to love. Jon Arbuckle was constantly rejected, and sometimes cruelly mocked, by the opposite sex. He is socially awkward and loves polka music. But despite his bad luck with women he would always put himself out there. He would quickly bounce back after humiliating himself on a date and keep trying. While Liz took a while to warm up to Jon, they eventually found love together. Maybe love does happen for everyone eventually.

Ideas to Celebrate Jon and Liz's Anniversary

If you haven’t already found that special someone, then take a chance and ask someone you’ve been interested in out on a date
Who knows, maybe next year you’ll be celebrating your own anniversary.

Go to a fancy restaurant
While he may be awkward, Jon usually treats his dates to a nice dinner at upscale restaurants.

Treat your date to a polka serenade
Jon loves his polka. Which is part of the reason why he was single for so long.

Dress like Jon Arbuckle
Jon is known for his love of loud and “unique ” clothes. So, wear a giant tie or a brightly-colored plaid suit. 
 "There was a sale at Clown Town."
Clothing ideas for dressing like Jon Arbuckle
Here are some clothing suggestions for dressing like Jon Arbuckle when he's going on a date. If you want to dress like regular Jon Arbuckle, his everyday clothes are a plain polo shirt (unbuttoned at the top) and blue or black pants.


Jon Arbuckle Fashion Strut
 This dance is too funny not to include here. 


Jon and Liz Song 

This is an instrumental song that was featured in A Tail of Two Kitties. You can hear a preview on Amazon.


Watch Jon and Liz's Relationship Unfold

Here are most of the comics featuring Dr. Liz Wilson as Jon and Liz make the transformation from acquaintences to a couple over the years. These are the Garfield comics that feature Dr. Liz Wilson through the time she and Jon officially become a couple. Watch Jon and Liz's relationship unfold.

June 26, 1979
Jon meets Liz for the first time

June 27, 1979
Jon and Liz talk for the first time

June 28, 1979
Jon has a crush

Jun 29, 1979
Liz and Garfield

June 30, 1979
Liz lays down the law

July 24, 1979
Jon asks Liz out on a date for the first time

July 25, 1979
And a second time

July 26, 1979
Liz weighs in

July 27, 1979
Jon is "madly in love"

July 28, 1979
Jon would really like to see Liz again

October 2, 1979
Jon still likes Liz

October 3, 1979
Jon is "so putdownable"

October 4, 1979
Jon asks Liz out for a third time

October 5, 1979
"Don Quixote strikes again"

October 6, 1979
Jon confuses Liz with a kiss

October 8, 1979
Liz stands Jon up

January 28, 1980
Jon attempts to ask Liz out a fourth time

January 29, 1980
Jon wants to be Liz's "knight in shining armor"

January 30, 1980
Jon is so awkward

January 31, 1980
Jon asks Liz out for a fifth time

April 21, 1980
Liz finally agrees to a date with Jon!

April 22, 1980
"Don Juan dazzles another love-struck waif"

April 23, 1980
Garfield tags along for the date

April 24, 1980   April 25, 1980   April 26, 1980
Jon and Liz's first date. "Kiss her, you dip"

July 31, 1980
Jon asks Liz out on a second date

September 29, 1980  September 30, 1980  October 1, 1980
Jon prepares for his second date with Liz... and Garfield

October 2, 1980  October 3, 1980  October 4, 1980
Jon goes on his second date with Liz and gets a kiss... from Garfield

July 23, 2006  July 24, 2006  July 25, 2006
Jon and Liz are out on dates with other people when Jon approaches Liz as a French waiter

July 26, 2006  July 27, 2006  July 28, 2006
Liz likes Jon! and they go on another date. ..."And they lived happily ever after"

July 27, 2012
Jon and Liz are still going strong.